take advantage of nitro now!

The Nitro Tier (also known as Premium Membership) is ideal for cyclists looking to become more serious in their riding journey, whether you're just starting your training or have been in it for years - features up to 9 organized rides per week (indoor and outdoor).

We don't care about how fast you are, we have different paced rides for all levels. The most important aspect is your personal dedication to get better - we're here to grow together!

After purchasing your membership, please allow 24 hours for us to generate your personal discount codes for TLD and MBO purchases. You will recieve your unique codes by email.


As group rides can often be in a fast paceline, there is additional risk of injury to riders, and to the public.

For this reason, TLD requires ALL members to hold a valid annual Cycle BC license for riding.

The exception is if you are just joining us for 1-2 Meet & Greet rides. If you're just joining for up to 2 Meet & Greet rides, please fill out the Cycle BC Waiver here.

More information on the insurance coverage and additional benefits can be found here. 

Not sure which license
to apply for?

If you are joining TLD only for group rides mainly and fondo rides or TLD events, then a"Cycling for All"membership should be sufficient. If you plan to compete in more sanctioned races in the year, including criterium racing in Cat 4 and up, then a"Provincial Race License"is more recommended.


We support each other in every way we can


Don't compare, just focus on your own growth


Let's be better tommorow than we are today