Founder Stories: Nathan

Founder Stories: Nathan

We're very grateful to all our sponsors for supporting TLD. One of our sponsors, MBO Cycling, is interviewing members of TLD to find out about the impact cycling can have. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Nathan Chan, one of The Last Drop's founders. It's available in full over at the MBO website.

"The Last Drop is so much more than just a riding group. Within less than 8 months, it’s grown to this massive community of amazing individuals, each bringing their own love of cycling, wisdom, network, and more to add value to the group.

Our first big club ride with nearly 20 people coming out together on one morning. For someone as inexperienced in this space as me, I was completely in awe of how many people this club brought together, and how happy everyone was to be riding together. 

Everyone supports each other, and the trust with each other is so high when we take on epic rides together.

It's incredible to see the bonds and relationships that come out of bringing strangers together, and seeing how much more we can achieve collectively than we could have done on our own."

Read the full interview over on the the MBO website.


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