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The Last Drop believes in collaboration and community. We want to support our local business owners, especially those that are connected to the club. Here are some of our partner businesses that support the day-to-day operations of TLD! If you want to make the most of your TLD journey and get the best benefits from each of our partners, consider becoming a Premium Member here!

Mysenlan Bionic Outift, or MBO, is the new and exclusive kit sponsor of TLD!

We are so excited to be working with them, and also becoming partners in distribution for the Canadian market!

Why MBO? 

We wanted to find the most fashion forward, functional, and high quality cycling apparel that was available. We believe that MBO's apparel can reflect each riders unique and individual style, while offering the best performance in the industry.

When your kit empowers you to be your best self - a bionic second skin - you can focus on the journey and form deep connections with your friends.

With over 10 years experience designing garments, MBO combines performance with style, using the highest quality materials. 

Whether training, racing, or on a hardcore group ride, you deserve the best clothes that help you feel authentically like yourself and let you unlock your full potential.


As athletes, our passions can take us from early morning swims to mid day runs in the sun and long bike rides fighting against the wind and exhaust.

We do it all because we love it - but an athlete’s skin is exposed to a wide range of environmental stressors like sun, cold, wind, pollution and chemicals.

At Lontreau, they use the latest science and research to create unique formulations designed to specifically help protect and restore an athlete’s skin.

Lontreau is a skincare brand focused on regenerative formulations for endurance athletes and every day movers looking for ingredient rich skincare.


DRKHORSE helps cyclists get faster by revealing their RiderType.

Within every cyclist a dark horse exists. A hidden form with a secret - an unexpected strength, secret ability, or surprise that emerges to prominence in competition.

At DRKHORSE, we shed light on this form and help you discover yourself using data. We reveal your natural strengths and your current weaknesses. Then we guide you on how to improve holistically - providing a personal roadmap tailored to your unique training, nutrition, and mentality needs.


A physiological assessment at DRKHORSE can help if you're wondering things like...

- How do I know how hard / easy should I be riding?
- What should I be focusing on in my training to see greater improvement?
- What should I eat before, during, and after rides?

We recommend visitng DRKHORSE for a physiological assessment as part of our 'Build Me Up' Guide to help you improve your cycling effectively and with expert guidance.


8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic is a premier cosmetic plastic surgery and laser skin practice located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. They have been helping patients achieve their goals for over 15 years.

8 West meets you where you’re at in your cosmetic journey and take pride in understanding your aspirations to provide a physician-approved treatment plan tailored to your skin type, facial anatomy or body type. Our individualized, education-first approach gives our patients confidence with result-driven treatments.

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Led by one of North America’s most skilled dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi works closely with his team of medical aesthetic professionals, providing a full spectrum of non-surgical and surgical treatments to meet facial rejuvenation & aesthetic goals.

The Last Drop Cycling Club is so grateful for the support from 8 West, and specifically, Founder, Angie Buonassisi, whom the team gets to train with weekly at Altius Velo - her energy always gets us fired up and inspires us to train hard!

8 West Clinic

speed projects laboratory

Since 2017, they are Vancouver & Richmond's automotive paint protection film, nano coating (ceramic or graphene) & performance specialists. They pride themselves on their quality service and offering proven products at very reasonable prices. Their installers are certified for car clear bra (PPF), window tint, ceramic & graphene coatings, paint correction & enhancement, and many more car protection services and products.

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They also do performance upgrade for your car such as ECU tuning for more horse power & torque, suspension and wheel upgrade for better handling, body styling for aerodynamic or personalized appearance, air intake and exhaust systems for better flow, and other performance upgrades.

Located in Richmond behind the Automall, inquire with them now!

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ec physiotherapy

Ernest is a Physiotherapist that takes a holistic approach to treating his patients as he believes there is no separation between one’s mind, body and energies. He operates out of two clinics in the lower mainland.

Physiotherapy can help you break the pain cycle and return to health. Ernest uses a broad range of physiotherapy techniques such as manual therapy, exercise prescription, IMS/dry needling, acupuncture and electrotherapeutic modalities. He also has a keen eye for biomechanical analysis of gait (walking and running) and cycling.

We recommend getting a bike fitting to help build your cycling up.

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Ernest takes great pride in his work, and is committed to providing the best patient care and experience. He's personally treated over a dozen cyclists in the Last Drop Cycling club, helping them with a wide range of needs - from race-preparation, bike fittings, injury support, and more. We love Ernest and we can't recommend him enough!

In his leisure time, Ernest enjoys road cycling, weight training at the gym, photography, and spending time with his family and friends. In fact, Ernest was one of the first members to join TLD - and we can attest that not only is he an amazing cyclist, but a loyal and trustworthy friend.

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harmony pacific

Founded in 2005, Harmony Pacific Projects has consistently produced outstanding results in high quality new construction and renovations. They have experience working on a variety of project scales ranging from 100 to 6000 square feet.

They work with clients and designers to create personalized spaces that reflect their unique lifestyles and needs. They bring a high level of craftsmanship to every project and, no matter what the scale, all Harmony projects have one goal in common: give attention to every single detail to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

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They enjoy working with designers and architects and are known for their problem solving skills and ability to adapt designer drawings to suit unforeseen as built conditions.

Sometimes the transition from conceptual drawings to physical placement requires ingenuity and resourcefulness in order to construct and capture the architectural idea.

Their expertise enables them to overcome such challenges competently so your project remains on track, and on budget.

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the coconut creative

Wedding Photographers & Videographers based in Vancouver.

They are there to help you create an exceptional wedding experience through stunning images and cinematic films - telling your story, your way.

Experience a fun and relaxed way of having your romantic adventure captured.

altius velo

Efective cycling training led by science and experience. Head Coach Joanie Caron is a former Olympic Cyclist who has competed professionally for over 10 years. She also has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology where she studied VO2 and HR Kinetics.

Getting coaching with Joanie means constant feedback, support, accountability, and a customized plan that is backed by science. Each coaching plan is tailored based on your reality, background, and long-term goals, from a holistic perspective.

We recommend coaching with Joanie as part of our 'Build Me Up' Guide.


Founded in BC and run by five women, their aim is to create the best natural and scientifically formulated performance and recovery products for athletes of all abilities.

Their products are scientifically formulated using ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness. Their commitment is to make products that are good for people and the planet. Their products contain effective and non-toxic ingredients that are ethically – sourced, natural and plant derived, cruelty-free, and are packaged in recyclable material.

We're seeking new sponsors

If you're a community-focused business we'd love to work together.

our partners

Veloholic Cycles

5850 Fraser St, Vancouver BC

This small, boutique bike shop has a BIG name in the biking community. Veloholic truly embodies the 'mastery' of custom bike building and repairs. Their careful touch and attention to detail is reason they have built such a reputation and presence in the cycling world.

We are so proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with them closely as our exclusive club shop for parts, servicing, and event support. We highly recommend you pay them a visit!

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OV Gang

Our Ride Leader Bianca Hayes currently holds the title of fastest female, but is going for all the glory as fastest female as recorded by the Guinness World Record in her second attempt this year. More than that, she has a deep and powerful story of how she came to this place where she is, inspired by the tragedy of losing her sister Katrina to ovarian cancer. Read more about Bianca here.

The Last Drop is proud to support Bianca and raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer research to save the lives of more women like Katrina.

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Bicycle Broker

Bicycle Broker is a risk management platform offering education, relevant services and insurance policies for the cycling industry and everyday bike enthusiasts in BC.

When you book a meeting with Bicycle Broker, it’s not just a discussion about insurance, it’s education regarding first aid services, bike security, and money saving strategies. Their recommendations can help lower the price of insurance for cycling businesses and everyday bike enthusiasts here in British Columbia. A rider-owned company with programs tested on the world’s stage.

Every ride presents risk, and we all cherish our bikes and have invested much into them. This is why we believe, especially as a regular Nitro rider, that bike insurance has more value than ever.

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners

We appreciate their support of this club and encourage you to check them out for any of their amazing services.

If you want to make the most of your TLD journey and get the best benefits from each of our partners, consider becoming a Premium Nitro Member!