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1. join our community

Join our Slack community for one of the best cycling communities. Ask questions or just say hi. We can't wait to meet you!

2. get ready online

Join our Strava to see ride dates. Review our Code of Conduct and our Ride Rules & Etiquette. We also have an important pre-ride checklist.

3. Register to ride

Complete the Rider Registration Form. You can register to join 2 Meet & Greet rides to get an idea of what to expect. If you don't have a BC Cycling License, fill in this waiver.

4. join your first ride!

Join a free Meet & Greet ride first, before any others. After 2 Meet & Greet rides, make sure you have a BC cycling license

5. upgrade to nitro (optional)

If you're committed to improving your cycling, join our Premium tier for more frequent rides
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We've been there

Cycling culture can be exclusive, which makes you feel unwelcome or intimidated...

But we believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of cycling.

we embrace you
for who you are

We understand how hard it is to be a solo cyclist who wants to get better.

That's why we've gathered a group of people, from all different backgrounds, who want to get better at cycling, and also to feel free to be themselves.

two membership tiers


The Standard Tier is great for cyclists who are casual riders looking for a group of people to connect with and participate occasionally on organized rides.

All members start out on the free Standard tier, which features up to 3 organized rides per week.

Both tiers require a Cycling BC License (not included in tier pricing).

Rider Registration Form

The Nitro Tier (also known as Premium Membership) is for cyclists looking to become more serious in their riding journey, with up to 9 organized rides per week (indoor and outdoor).

We don't care about how fast you are, we have different paced rides for all levels. The most important aspect is your personal dedication to get better - we're here to grow together!

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Getting started

We recommend everyone to come and join our Slack community online to learn more about the club and the members. Next we'd encourage you to attend one of our scheduled Meet & Greet rides (in the Winter they are scheduled pending weather conditions, in the Summer they are scheduled every Friday). More information on Meet & Greet rides can be found on Slack and Strava.

not confident in your riding?
want some guidance?

You want to get better, but feel stuck, uncertain or frustrated trying to improve on your own? Our 'Final Form' guide explains some effective ways to improve. No matter what level, you can benefit from the expert knowledge and experience of others.

Membership requires


As group rides can often be in a fast paceline, there is additional risk of injury to riders, and to the public. For this reason, TLD requires ALL members to hold a valid annual Cycling BC license for riding. 

Register for Cycling BC License

cycling bc license faq

As group rides can often be in a fast paceline, there is additional risk of injury to riders, and to the public.

For this reason, TLD requires ALL members to hold a valid annual Cycling BC license for riding.

If you are joining TLD only for group rides mainly and fondo rides or TLD events, then a "Cycling for All" membership should be sufficient.

If you plan to compete in more sanctioned races in the year, including criterium racing in Cat 4 and up, then a "Provincial Race License" is more recommended.

More information on the insurance coverage and additional benefits can be found here.

If you're just joining for up to 2 Meet & Greet rides, you do not need a Cycling BC License, however you will need to fill out the Cycling BC Waiver here.

what our members say:

"The sense of 'family' is very strong here at TLD. It's a place where we all can connect, network, and become good friends on and off the saddle. TLD is so inclusive and really does make you feel cared for."


"Since finishing university and starting a family, I've found it increasingly difficult to make new friends. But from the beginning TLD has been very open and welcoming. There's so much camaraderie & celebration of each other's victories."

what our members say:

"Everyone is super friendly and has a true genuine passion for the sport... It is inspiring to be around these guys on many levels"
pre-ride info

Join us for 2 rides and see if you enjoy the vibe!

Please note the first rides you join must be Meet & Greets.

Make sure to register with us and fill out this Cycling BC waiver (mandatory without a Cycling BC License).

Plus of course, join our Slack community to see what your new tribe is like!

meet and greet rules
Please note:

Road bikes with drop bars only

No time trial bikes or aero bars

Clip-in pedals required

Front/Rear lights required on ALL morning rides

About Our Weekly Rides

Everything you need to know about our weekly organized rides, varying in intensity and skill level
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If you want a crew that has your back on up to 9 weekly rides, upgrade to Team Nitro! This premium tier has rides for every level - if you love cycling and want to spend time riding with likeminded people, this is the place for you.

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Not sure about upgrading to NITRO just yet? Now you can test out NITRO rides before committing! Purchase a pre-paid pass to ride with the NITRO team for 1-5 rides (order a bundle to save!)

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We support each other in every way we can

accept the journey

Don't compare, just focus on your own growth

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