Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We are the earliest risers and the hardest workers. We hit the tarmac before dawn so we can own the day at work and home. Our goals are defined by our growth - and with the right motivation and guidance we know it's ours to achieve together. We’re here to give it everything we’ve got, down to The Last Drop.

The following code of conduct is in place, not only ensuring safety, and accountability of all members, but also guarantees an inclusive and supportive environment. By virtue of TLD membership terms - each individual agrees to promote, uphold and comply with the following code of conduct:

  • Practice outstanding sportsmanship, promote encouragement and practice empathy at all time – cycling or non-cycling events.
  • TLD members agree to a forum of trust, security and privacy – please refrain from sharing anyone’s personal information, conversations or photos/video without verbal consent
    • Furthermore any TLD member can opt out of their image or likeness being used in all marketing, and media platforms.
  • TLD observes an absolute no tolerance policy for any form of discrimination. TLD executive team reserves the right to suspend membership immediately with no-refund to any TLD membership dues or subsidiary offerings (merchandise, event fees etc.). 
    • These include but are not limited to offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic, degrading or malicious towards any individual, or group.
  • TLD observes a 0 tolerance policy for any outwardly aggressive or defensive riding that puts any member at risk
    • Each situation will be reported to and reviewed by the TLD Executive Team – TLD reserves the right to provide a formal warning or complete suspension of membership with no-refund to any TLD membership dues or subsidiary offerings (merchandise, event fees etc.).
  • TLD members are welcome to all temp and casual classification group rides – TLD ride leader team will review rider experience, skill and fitness in order to grant an invitation to race-pace classified group rides. 
  • Obey all traffic regulations as enforced by all relevant local authorities while as instructed during sanctioned or unsanctioned races – Training rides and casual rides will follow ride leaders direction and instruction
  • Usage of hand signals and verbal cues as per TLD ride handbook reference is essential. 
  • At no time is crossing wheels acceptable while in Pace Line formation
  • Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and bylaws of Cycling BC, the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA), the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).
  • Members will be required to hold a valid BC Cycling Licence at all times. This will be checked and validated at the start of season membership or renewal 
  • The use of a helmet is a no-tolerance policy – a valid legal North American Helmet is required to be worn at all times
  • TLD will follow any health protocols mandated by the country, state or province which any and all sanctioned events and rides occur within.
  • Governance Structure: 

Terms & Conditions – The Last Drop Cycling Club 

The Terms & Conditions of TLD CC – extends in kind to all affiliated CC partners and respective sponsors.  

  • By virtue of CC membership at all levels – agree to follow the established code of conduct 
  • TLD CC is not responsible for any damage, regular wear & tear and physical injuries associated with the regular participation within TLD sanctioned group rides, and events – equipment or physical 
  • The terms & conditions of any other cycling events, or races not directly affiliated with TLD CC apply above and beyond the TLD terms & conditions 
  • Any and all public representation of the TLD brand and partners via media, and social channels must follow the agreed upon stipulations within the code of conduct 
  • In addition any significant brand representation will require the expressed consent of the TLD Board or executive committee