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Getting Started FAQ

Getting started at TLD includes a few important steps explained on this page. Here are a few questions we get from people considering joining.

Don't worry about this, we have a range of different rides for different levels! Check out our sample ride schedule to see the different ride levels.

The only requirements are that you must be riding a road bike with drop bars, and you must must be riding confidently and comfortable with clip in pedals.

As long as that's the case, we'll definitely have rides you will enjoy.

We also offer a free 30 day return policy for a Nitro membership, so you can try it worry free!

YES! We have rides for all levels and we welcome people at every stage of the cycling journey.

The only requirements are that you must be riding a road bike with drop bars, and you must must be riding confidently and comfortable with clip in pedals.

Check out our sample rides here to see the options we have.

Joining a cycling club can be intimidating but we're friendly, welcoming and inclusive - we're just here to grow together.

Why not join our online Discord community to get a feel for the club and meet the crew before deciding?

To help ensure we’re keeping rides as safe as possible for all members, we have the following mandatory requirements for all cyclists joining TLD rides, whether it’s Meet & Greet or Nitro rides:

- Cyclist must be wearing a helmet

- Cyclist must be riding a road bike with drop bars

- Cyclist must be riding confidently and comfortable with clip in pedals 

- Cyclist must have proper front and rear lights during dark conditions

Cyclists who show up without the following requirements will not be allowed to join the group ride.

They will be highly encouraged to join with the proper requirements and are welcomed to use the Discord channel as a resource to help source a bike, equipment, or support on skills. 

Our ride categories give more structure to the various levels of riders and to set better expectations on what the ride will be like.

Some rides will only have one category. While other rides may have multiple, with a Ride Leader dedicated to leading each category.

Ride Intensity

A - Race Pace (race group) - 35 to 40km/h

Highly confident in group riding, can ride shoulder to shoulder.

B - Tempo Pace (experienced) - 28 to 35km/h

Experienced in group riding, yet still learning shoulder to shoulder.

C - Coffee/Social Pace (novice) - 25 to 28km/h

Minimum of 6 months of riding, new or practicing group ridig, looking for a wheel or more between the front tire.

This can alo be for filks who are doing Z1-2 for the session or catching up on their fitness.

D - Beginner - 20 to 25km/h (SuperBike Sunday)

TR - Training Ride - Mixed efforts and speeds (Race Team)

You are welcome to join us for two free Meet & Greet rides to meet the crew, and see the ride style. Here we explain the steps to joining a Meet & Greet.

1. Read our Getting Started page.

2. Join our Discord community to talk to us and be a part of one of the best cycling communities.

3. Review Etiquette and Safety Guidelines

4. Review Code of Conduct / Terms & Conditions

5. Register for two Meet & Greets on the CCN Bikes website.

6. RSVP to rides on Strava!

7. Review our Pre-Ride Checklist

8. Fill out the CCN Bikes Waiver (Unless you have a Cycling BC membership)

9. Let's ride! Join us for up to two Meet & Greet rides. We're friendly and always looking forward to meeting new riders at every cycling level.

10. After your two Meet & Greet rides, if you want to keep riding with us, you will need a Nitro membership.

As group rides can often be in a fast paceline, there is additional risk of injury to riders, and to the public.

For this reason, TLD requires ALL members to hold a valid annual Cycle BC license for riding.

Your Cycling BC membership gives you access to:

- Sport Accident & General Liability Insurance

- Clubs & Events

- Exclusive Member Discounts & Product Offers

- Special Events

- Development Opportunities

Register here

The only time you don't need a Cycling BC License is if you are joining us for 1-2 free Meet & Greet rides (in which case you need a free Cycling BC Waiver).

This is a free waiver that you need to fill in, if you want to join 1-2 Meet & Greet rides.

The only exception is if you already have a Cycling BC license, in which case you don't need to fill in the waiver.

Fill in waiver here.

These are two different things, the Waiver covers you for 1-2 Meet & Greet rides, and the License covers you for a whole year.

If you want to join us for 1-2 Meet & Greet rides, but you don't have a Cycling BC License, you will need to fill in this waiver in order to be covered during your 2 Meet & Greet rides.

The Cycling BC License is an annual license and it covers you for the whole year. So after your two Meet & Greet rides, the waiver does not cover you, and you will need the Cycling BC License to ride with us.

Throughout the week, we feature different organized rides, varying in intensity and skill level. 

Knowing a couple power metrics is a great first start in understanding which rides you'll enjoy most: FTP (Functional Threshold Power - held over a 20 minute effort) and Power-to-Weight Ratios (Watts / Kilograms).

If you don’t know those measurements, that’s OK too!

We want to get to know you and can help determine your riding level to ensure you get the most out of the group rides, as well as to set you up with the right amount of work to be at the level you wish to be at.

Meet & Greet rides are a great way to start. One of our Ride Leaders can then help advise which weekly rides to attend.

support the crew

We support each other in every way we can

accept the journey

Don't compare, just focus on your own growth

keep growing

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