Get Coaching From an Olympic Cyclist

Get Coaching From an Olympic Cyclist

Altius Velo offers cycling coaching led by science and experience. Head Coach Joanie Caron is a former Olympic Cyclist with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology where she studied VO2 and HR Kinetics. Read on to find out how she can help you transform your cycling.

Why do you offer coaching?

I have been a professional cyclist for almost 15 yrs. I have competed at the highest level of the sport; World Cups, World Championships, and the Olympics (Rio 2016). Throughout my career, I have been lucky to work with amazing coaches. They had a tremendous effect on teaching me how to train, and how to win, and overall cultivated my passion for the sport.

In parallel to competing, I have studied kinesiology and got a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, in order to get a better understanding of how to optimize training for human performance. Now is the time to share and support riders who want to enjoy their hobby/passion to the fullest!

What does coaching at Altius Velo involve?

First, I will review everything they have done. I try to get a clear picture of how they train in the day-to-day. We do have a 1-1 interview and then I do my due diligence by reviewing all the material. I break down their big objective into simpler/short-term ones, with a clear focus on the areas that require improvements.

On the day-to-day, they get a personalized training schedule that is very detailed, with specific race-day recommendations/feedback and analysis of their training files. That being said, the fact that I am available for the athlete to make changes to the schedule and fine-tune their training and racing on an ongoing basis is where they get the most value. This is why building a relationship with the athlete is so important.

Why choose Altius Velo over other coaching studios?

I get a lot of recreational cyclists coming to me after they tried a lot of Free training plans or were coached by some random (unqualified) “coach” who has been riding a bike for a while, with no credentials. They feel like they invest so much time and money into their hobby but experience a plateau. The truth is: sometimes you only have a small window in your life that you can be dedicated to your sport. Make the most of it when you can. My one and only goal is to help you get fitter, faster, and deliver results.

At Altius Velo, people choose to get coached by me because of the support they receive. More than a custom training plan, I tailor it to the individual based on their reality, their background, and their long-term goal in the sport. Because we are in constant communication, I am able to provide feedback on their racing tactics, and seeing them on the road allows me to also help on the technical level. Being a good cyclist goes beyond the fitness aspect and I believe it is important to get that holistic perspective.

The biggest benefit of receiving coaching at Altius Velo is the constant feedback, support/accountability - and also knowing that you are doing something that is scientifically proven but customized for you. It is the best investment an athlete can make in their training.

What is it like being part of The Last Drop?

Everyone is super friendly and has a true, genuine passion for the sport. Nate and Zach and other riders who help run the club are constantly putting in time and effort to provide the most value to their riders via partnerships and support of all kinds. It is inspiring to be around these guys, on many levels.

I am looking forward to supporting TLD riders in their training and seeing them reach their goals!

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