About the Club

Who are we? 

The Last Drop Cycling Club (TLD) is a group of like-minded cyclists who have a passion for riding and a determination for growth. We are not a professional cycling team with rigid rules and high ego members. We are ambitious and looking to build a community around inspiring new talent and finding opportunities to ride epic rides, while shooting some fun photos and videos along the way! Meet the team here!

Why join TLD? 

If you are passionate about cycling, and you want to improve, but you’re restricted by hours in the day and want to get a solid ride or two in each week, this is for you. Each week we have multiple structured sessions that give you a varied workout between tempo, race pace, sprints and climbing. This is essential in building a strong, well-rounded riding profile. On top of these days, we have a social meet and greet ride, plus our epic adventure rides to focus and build on endurance riding.

The Principles of TLD 

Principle #1 - Embrace Your Crew

We're more than chasing KOMs, more than races. We're the crew that truly cares about each other. It means hanging back and helping fix a flat, checking up on a member that had an off day, or just pumping up someone who crushed their goals. These small actions can leave lasting impressions. It makes this club more than than a group of people who ride together, but instead a community. JUMP into our online community on slack - feel at home with your new cycling family.

Principle #2 - Leave Egos at Home

Everyone is on a journey - focus on your growth while Encouraging others to do the best they can do. Less comparison, more compassion. Some days you will crush it. other days you won't - and that's ok. Push yourself to meet your goals, but know when to lead in your fellow member. And always celebrate as a team.

Principle #3 - Give it Every Last Drop

Whether you're in nitro, meet & greet or zone 2 enduro - we go hard! Put in the work, grind through the pain, and become stronger. We work hard today so we can be better than yesterday.