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Unlock Your Final Form

At The Last Drop, we know cycling can feel intimidating. You’ve heard stories from your friends about the culture, the expensive equipment, or the fitness you need. You may have asked yourself things like:
"Am I too out of shape or old to get into cycling?"
"Will my past injuries prevent me from riding?"
"Can I get into cycling on a budget?"
On the other hand, you may have already started your cycling journey, but you aren’t quite where you want to be. Some questions that might be on your mind:
"How can I feel more comfortable on my bike?"
"How can I improve my bike handling?"
"How should I train for the types of rides or events I want to do?"
If you're looking for guidance or feel like you're not confident or happy enough with your riding yet, we’ve developed a rider development program called 'Final Form' that guides you from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow.
We carefully curated partners from the cycling community to create this easy guide to give you the confidence and understanding of how to best use your unique strengths.

Your step-by-step guide

Here are 3 concrete ways to receive guidance and level up your performance
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1. Get a Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is known as the "best bang for your buck" spend to help improve as a cyclist, but many people don’t know it even exists.

Think of buying a bike like buying a suit or dress. Then getting that article of clothing tailored to fit your body is a good analogy for a bike fitting.

Ernest Chao is one of our club ride regulars. He helps cyclists become more comfortable on their bikes, enabling them to enjoy the sport more, perform better, and deal with any pain or discomfort.

Getting a proper fit will likely decrease the risk of injury, pain or suboptimal performance, while improving comfort and efficiency on the bike. Contact Ernest to schedule a bike fitting.

A bike fitting may help if you...

- Experience hand/wrist pressure - Experience neck and back tension
- Feel knee knee discomfort while cycling
- Experience hot spots on your feet while riding
- Don't know where to start when it comes to setting up your clipless shoes and pedals
- Feel like you are too long/low short/high on your bike

2. Get a Physiological Assessment

See Assaf from DRKHORSE to get a physiological assessment. DRKHORSE helps cyclists get faster by revealing their RiderType.

Within every cyclist a dark horse exists. A hidden form with a secret - an unexpected strength, secret ability, or surprise that emerges to prominence in competition.

At DRKHORSE, we shed light on this form and help you discover yourself using data. We reveal your natural strengths and your current weaknesses.

Then we guide you on how to improve holistically - providing a personal roadmap tailored to your unique training, nutrition, and mentality needs.

A physiological assessment can help if you're wondering...

- How do I know how hard / easy should I be riding?
- What should I be focusing on in my training to see greater improvement?
- What should I eat before, during, and after rides?
- I have a very busy schedule. What type of training should I do to maximize my gains?
- What type of rider am I? How should I train to improve my strengths and weaknesses?
- How can improve my lifestyle to benefit my cycling, health, nutrition, productivity, and overall life quality

Visit Altius Velo
3. Get Ongoing Coaching

Altius Velo offers cycling coaching led by science and experience. Head Coach Joanie Caron is a former Olympic Cyclist with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. Joanie will help you get fitter, faster, and deliver results.

Get a personalized and detailed training plan, tailored to your reality, background, and long-term goals, with specific race-day feedback and analysis of training files.

Joanie is available to make changes to the schedule and fine-tune training and racing on an ongoing basis, building a relationship where you work together. Get constant feedback and support/accountability while doing something that is scientifically proven and customized specifically for you.

Coaching can help if you're thinking things like...

- I would like to improve my fitness or build my FTP for next season or an event coming up
- I am not sure if I am doing too much or not enough training to improve
- My climbing could be improved OR I can climb but struggle to keep up on the flats
- I am putting a lot of time but can't seem to overcome the plateau I hit a few months ago
- I need a personalized training schedule so I can reach my goal but juggle family/work and other commitments
- I struggle with recovery after long rides
- I would like to race but am terrified of corners. I also find it intimidating.

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