Our Story

How did TLD start?

The Last Drop was formed when one SystemSix met another SystemSix on a cool June morning in Stanley Park. A friendly competition between two cyclists became the foundation for The Last Drop Cycling Club.


We believe everyone has inner potential.

A potential to ride faster and climb higher.

We believe this potential can be unlocked together.

We’re here for those pursuing endless growth.

You don’t know how much faster you can go, but you know you’ve got more to give.

We’re here for those that have grinded early and spun late.

You've repeated your route relentlessly pursuing the next record -

only to do it all over again once you’ve hit it.

The laid back group rides you join aren’t quite enough.

The club egos you pass-by are way too much.

You want the ride-or-die crew that will push you farther and pull you faster.

This is who we are.

We hunt for growth.

We thrive on comradery.

We give it everything we've got, down to The Last Drop

So, who are we?

We are the earliest risers

and the hardest workers

We hit the tarmac before dawn so we can own the day at work and home.

Our goals are defined by our growth - and with the right motivation and guidance we know its ours to achieve together.

We’re here to give it everything we’ve got, down to The Last Drop.

What does our logo mean?

The Last Drop’s logo embodies our beliefs of cycling.

The visual is vortex of mechanical circular motions flowing with strokes of human pedal power - the perfect harmony between man and machine.

Designed with passion by Peter Tom.